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To My Son on His 17th Birthday

Seventeen years ago today was our first full day with you.  You had just been born the night before.  I recall being filled with joy at the thought of  spending this special first day with you.  All of the new discoveries of who you were and were going to become were before us that day.  Seventeen years later, we've had the privilege of being front row to the unfolding of your life. Here are some of the discoveries we've made about who you are, and some of the things that I most love about you:

  • You are adventurous.  You love a new challenge, especially if it involves risk and new discoveries.  Safety and security are not generally your modus operandi.  You started walking at 7 1/2 months old and by 10 months you were climbing up the steps to slides 15 times taller than you.  This summer you will travel to Africa with your dad and brother.  You are up for the adventure and challenge that that will be.
  • On that note, you've always been very athletic and strong.  Whatever physical feat you put your mind to, you are able to excel at it.  
  • I love how your sense of humor has developed over time... you come up with some really funny one liners that catch us by surprise and make us laugh
  • From early on, you have had an appreciation for nature.  You enjoy being outside, exploring and coming up with adventurous things to do outside.  Like camping out with all of your friends in a field in spite of frigid temperatures. Or blowing up things.
  • You have character and integrity, which will take you far in life.  You are respectful of others, make good choices, willing to work hard, you follow through on responsibilities, and much more.
  • Even though you've faced some hard times in sports, you have not been a quitter.  You keep going, making the most of the situation and choosing to have a good attitude.
  • Pushing through those kinds of situations has caused others to look up to you.  You are becoming a leader.  Your style of leadership is to influence others through your quiet strength and character.

I am confident that there is much more to come for you!  Even as you hit home runs in baseball, you are hitting home runs in life and we couldn't be more proud of you.  We will always be your biggest fans.

God is with you.




  1. Happy birthday, Sylas!

  2. He has grown up into quite a young man!! Such a tribute to you as parents!! =) It is our greatest joy as parents to watch our children grow and develop their own identities, personalities, dreams and spirituality. To see them become young adults that, not only have the will but the want to, to have an impact on their generation is so exciting!! There are wonderful experiences ahead for him!! Blessings on all of you as you take this journey together!!!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! As one who has gone before me in parenting, you've always been an inspiration to me as a mom!

    2. Thanks, Tracy...that means alot!! Its the greatest calling/gift in life!! Enjoy the ride...its exciting and goes by soooo fast! However, each season is new and exciting as I have been finding in this phase! =)

    3. Yes, even from a distance I can see what you mean... its awesome to watch your son flourish into some new things!