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Places and Spaces

Someone took the time to plant interesting plants by the sidewalk
A beautiful space along an alley

Another little treasure along the same alley
I don't consider myself a photographer by a long shot, but I do have an eye for beauty.  So, I try my best to capture beauty where I see it, especially in unexpected places.  The photography on this page is a collection of photos that I took while walking around the town where I live.  For many years, I longed to live somewhere else.... somewhere more interesting, larger, more stimulating, where the movers and shakers live. But we are here.  And I have come to finally be able to say, "Here is a good place to be".  I think we can all say that if we choose to, no matter where we find ourselves in life.

These photos are a collection of splashes of beauty in some unexpected places.... along alleys, near simple older homes, in an economically challenged community, far from Wall Street, Michigan Avenue and Champs Elysee.

This collection is a celebration of the little ways that people add beauty and value to their spaces with a little bit of time and energy.  If all of us did that more.... put just a little effort into creating something beautiful.... the world would indeed be a much more beautiful place to live.

We bring heaven to earth when we add beauty to the world.

I wonder what this icon means to the owner

The red planter adds a color splash to the landscaping
A carpet of tulip tree petals blankets the lawn

Instead of high maintenance grass, groundcover and flowers

This front porch made me want to pull up a chair and sit a while
I love it when people do things that I would never think of.  Like, painting a picnic table blue.
These folks chose exactly the right color for their door.

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