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You Were Made for More

Someone recently said this to me and immediately my spirit was stirred.  Few things stir me, encourage me or inspire me like that statement.

Even in my most alive, fully-engaged-in God's-story seasons, I would have to be honest and admit that even while I could say, "This is what I was made for", there remained in the back of my mind and deep in my spirit a sense of "Yes, but you were made for more than this."  Sometimes that voice speaks louder than at other times, but it has consistently been there.  Always calling me on, always stirring me to believe for more, to lay hold of more, to be willing to do whatever God would ask because ultimately it is God who leads to the "more". (John 15).

One of the questions that I try to reflect on regularly is, "What does it look like today for me to step  into the "more" that God is inviting me into?"

Jesus said, "I have come to give you life and to give it more abundantly."  Jesus also said we have an enemy who is continually trying to find ways to rob us of the "more" we're designed for.  I sense that at times... the battle to continue to believe for more and to walk into it as God leads the way.

It seems to me, then, that this longing for more is a God-given longing that is put in our hearts.  Maybe in part its to help us avoid becoming complacent and settling and simply giving up and being content with life as it comes our way.  Maybe God places that longing in our hearts because as followers of Jesus, we are daily being transformed into more.  I was made for more than what I see right now.  You were made for more than what you see right now.  Plunge yourself into God's life and allow him to lead you to the "more" that he has for you.

Radio Free Week

I love to listen to the radio when I drive.  I mostly listen to news on NPR or new music on the pop radio stations. Even at my age, I still enjoy some of that top 40 music!  Last week, however, I felt I was to take the week for complete silence while I was in the car.  Simply to be alert to anything that God would want to speak to me in the silence and the space created by turning off the radio.

I can't say that I got a big download, but it was a way of creating wide open spaces in the midst of the day to just be, listen, and think.  I found myself in more conversation with God throughout the day than usual.  I found moments of inspiration and encouragement as the silence afforded me opportunity to be reminded of the things in life that are true, and that matter most.  I found that I was calmer, more centered and more at peace.

The pictures were taken during an extended personal retreat I took in the Washington DC area and at the Jesuit Retreat Center in PA.  While it was amazing to have so much time and open space to meet God, its not always possible to get that.  I think of my no-radio week as a series of mini-retreats in the midst of usual life. Wide open spaces, free of the  noise around me, to experience and encounter God.

Pushed to the wall, I called to God; from the wide open spaces, he answered. (Ps 118:5)


I'm off to a slow start on my blog.  Life's been very full since I first launched my blog.

Having said that, I thought I would explain the web address for my blog.  I unashamedly adapted the idea of e-couragement  from Mark Batterson's blog at   I've followed his blog off and on for quite a while  and I really like his way of thinking and writing.

Several years ago I read a book by Annette Moser-Wellman, The Five Faces of Genius.  She describes  5 types of genius for the purpose of helping the reader identify which of the styles best captures his or her creative genius.   I'm always drawn to books and resources that help me to know myself better and thus serve more effectively in the world.  The 5 Geniuses are: The Seer, The Observer, The Alchemist, The Fool and The Sage.  At the back of the book is an inventory to take to help you identify your particular strength.  At that time, I rated high as The Alchemist, whose creative genius comes from basically borrowing ideas from other places, but adapting those ideas and connecting them to other ideas to become more than the idea was on its own.

So, that's the explanation of how I came up with the URL that I'm using for this blog. But I didn't just pick it to be a knock off, but mainly because I want to share those thoughts and ideas that encourage and inspire me on the journey.  I hope others might also be e-couraged and inspired as well!

Launching into the Blogosphere

Today I'm joining the ranks of the millions of people who blog. I suppose in the blogger world,  I'm a late adapter. Took me all this time to get on board.  It's not that recording my thoughts is new, though.  I have journaled avidly for years, faithfully recording learnings, insights and life experiences along the way. The "new" element is that what I write will now be more public.   I'm not even doing this to try to gather a following.  I wanted to start here and simply see where it goes.