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You Were Made for More

Someone recently said this to me and immediately my spirit was stirred.  Few things stir me, encourage me or inspire me like that statement.

Even in my most alive, fully-engaged-in God's-story seasons, I would have to be honest and admit that even while I could say, "This is what I was made for", there remained in the back of my mind and deep in my spirit a sense of "Yes, but you were made for more than this."  Sometimes that voice speaks louder than at other times, but it has consistently been there.  Always calling me on, always stirring me to believe for more, to lay hold of more, to be willing to do whatever God would ask because ultimately it is God who leads to the "more". (John 15).

One of the questions that I try to reflect on regularly is, "What does it look like today for me to step  into the "more" that God is inviting me into?"

Jesus said, "I have come to give you life and to give it more abundantly."  Jesus also said we have an enemy who is continually trying to find ways to rob us of the "more" we're designed for.  I sense that at times... the battle to continue to believe for more and to walk into it as God leads the way.

It seems to me, then, that this longing for more is a God-given longing that is put in our hearts.  Maybe in part its to help us avoid becoming complacent and settling and simply giving up and being content with life as it comes our way.  Maybe God places that longing in our hearts because as followers of Jesus, we are daily being transformed into more.  I was made for more than what I see right now.  You were made for more than what you see right now.  Plunge yourself into God's life and allow him to lead you to the "more" that he has for you.


  1. Hey Tracy, love that you've started a blog!

    I resonate with your post. I've learned that one of the enemy's tactics against believers is to discourage us or distract us from God and the desires he's placed in our hearts to fully live for him and step into the things he has for us. If he can disconnect us from our heart and from God's heart by distracting us with busyness or telling us lies (I call this living in a "sub-reality"), then we've lost before we've even really started.

    Of course, we can choose discouragement and distraction on our own without any external help too. :) But thanks for your post and for modeling the kind of life that continually seeks God's "more." You are a blessing!

  2. Thanks, Dave, for the interaction! What you've said is so true, and those tactics, then, keep us from "seeing" what God has. We can't live out what we can't see.

  3. I think its interesting that at this time so many of us need to hear this!! I believe the time is right for an explosion of God's creativity to be released to those that are seeking after Him. Not sure its going to look like what we think it should or even want it too!! =) Thought provoking and practical!!