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I'm off to a slow start on my blog.  Life's been very full since I first launched my blog.

Having said that, I thought I would explain the web address for my blog.  I unashamedly adapted the idea of e-couragement  from Mark Batterson's blog at   I've followed his blog off and on for quite a while  and I really like his way of thinking and writing.

Several years ago I read a book by Annette Moser-Wellman, The Five Faces of Genius.  She describes  5 types of genius for the purpose of helping the reader identify which of the styles best captures his or her creative genius.   I'm always drawn to books and resources that help me to know myself better and thus serve more effectively in the world.  The 5 Geniuses are: The Seer, The Observer, The Alchemist, The Fool and The Sage.  At the back of the book is an inventory to take to help you identify your particular strength.  At that time, I rated high as The Alchemist, whose creative genius comes from basically borrowing ideas from other places, but adapting those ideas and connecting them to other ideas to become more than the idea was on its own.

So, that's the explanation of how I came up with the URL that I'm using for this blog. But I didn't just pick it to be a knock off, but mainly because I want to share those thoughts and ideas that encourage and inspire me on the journey.  I hope others might also be e-couraged and inspired as well!

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