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Without getting into the actual details of my life, allow me to simply share themes that have become important to me through life:

Potential:  Part of how I’m wired is to spot potential… in communities, ideas, spaces, but particularly in people.   I love seeing people maximize their potential for good in the world. I love seeing something good become even better.

Make Art:  All of us have a book in us, a story to tell, a cause to make ours, a contribution to make, a legacy to leave.  Whatever that is, do it, do it well and do it wholeheartedly.

Beauty:  Maybe it's part of being mid-life but I see beauty in ways that I couldn't when I was younger. A deeper awareness of beauty has heightened my spiritual life in unexpected, yet delightful ways. Finding beauty in the simple, and even the mundane, has changed the way I view nearly everything and everyone around me.  I didn't go after this in life; it sought me.

Movement:  When anything living stops moving it’s a sure sign of stagnation and impending death.  Continuing to learn and grow, develop and become… always moving towards the “more” we were created for… is vital to being human.

Visionary Leadership:   true that organizations need this, but also true and less valued is personal visionary leadership.   I tend to want someone else to tell me what to do or what to be.  Taking time to catch a God-given vision for our lives and then taking personal leadership to take daily steps to live that out.  We can’t be what we can’t see.

Equality:  Everyone is equal in God's world.  In a world that loves to elevate one group over another or determine who's in and who's out,  I love that Jesus came into the world and leveled the playing field.  You are as important and valuable and beautiful as anyone else.

Tribe:  We are at our best and will only move into our best when surrounded by those who know us, are for us, and to whom we can be truly vulnerable, open and honest.

Surrender:  For anything important and lasting to come from our lives, it happens as we surrender to God’s best for our life, giving God permission to lead us.

The reason I share this with you is that these themes emerge regularily  in what I write about on my blog.  My hope is that if any of these themes resonate with you, that this will be a place you can come for inspiration and encouragement in being you…fully alive, uniquely and wonderfully you.

 “Everyone is born original, but most die as copies.” 
Abraham Lincoln

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