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To My Daughter on Her 12th Birthday

Joelle is 12 today!
Dear Joelle,

I don't think it's a coincidence that you were born in December, the month we celebrate Jesus's birth. Just as God picked Mary out of all of the girls in that day for a very special role, we believe that God has chosen you for special things.  He has seen you and known you, even before you were born, to be His child and to do great things that demonstrate God's love for all people!

You bring so much joy to our lives and we are immensely proud of you.  Here are some of the things that I love about you and celebrate on this day:
  • You are so funny and I love how we can laugh, hard, about all kinds of crazy things!!
  • I love how creative you are; you know just how to put a little extra spin on something to give it that artistic touch
  • You are wise and already have alot of common sense for your age.  And because of that...
  • Others your age are influenced in good ways by you.  That makes you a leader!
  • I love how you enjoy traveling, and seeing the world, and imagining big possibilities
  • You have big dreams for your life and aren't content to settle for little dreams.
  • I appreciate how you encourage me in my big dreams, too!  That's been a real joy.
  • You are smart, willing to work hard at school and sports.
  • People like to be around you.
  • Your red hair rocks!!  And I wish I could be as tall as you.
  • Most importantly, you are wrapping your life around Jesus and the things he has for you.  
On this day, your birthday, know that your mom and dad are so proud of you and so happy that you are a part of our family.  You have made the world a better place, already.

With much love,


  1. Lovely post, Tracy. Happy birthday, Joelle! I know that you are even more beautiful inside than you are on the outside... and you are gorgeous!

  2. Thank you, Kim. I will make sure that Joelle reads the kinds words you've written about her!