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10 Questions and An Hour of Your Life

Charles and I used to have some friends over on New Year's Eve for an hour of reflection.  We did this for many years until New Year's Eve morphed into having our kids's friends over, or driving our kids to various party's, etc.  We still take time for reflection.  We just do it differently now.

I think this time of the year, after Christmas and before the New Year, feels what I call a little "squishy".  I think that's because it is a time of transition.  Leaving one year behind and looking to the next. Endings and New Beginnings can be squishy times.   The squishi-ness we feel creates a fertile environment for doing some soulful reflection. 

So, set some uninterrupted time aside, light a few candles, turn on some quiet music, create an environment that helps you to reflect and have fun with these questions:

1. What was the highlight of this past year?  

2.  What was the low point of this past year, something that was hard, painful, disappointing, felt like failure?

3.  In what ways did you grow as a person this past year?   Were these  related to your greatest joy or your greatest pain?

4.  What is something you would like to learn this year, or grow in?

5.  Do you have anyone you need to forgive before you start a new year?  Bitterness or resentment to let go of?

6.  Who were the significant people in your life this past year?  How has your life been shaped by these people?

7.  Who do you want to go with you on the journey this next year?  What will you do to continue to build those relationships?

8. What do you want more of this next year in order to be most healthy and fully alive?  

9.  What can you give more of this year?  To those nearest you, your community, and/ or the world?

10.  What is your greatest hope for this next year? 

Of course, there's a whole bunch of questions that could be asked, but these have been some that have been meaningful to us.  

Don't try to make this more or less than it is.  Just let it be what it is.  I'd love to hear how it goes!  

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  1. A friend shared with me that she sat down with her 10 year old grandson and went through these questions with him! What a great idea.... to go through this with a young person. Thanks, Tina!