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My Top 10

Lists of The Top, The Best, The Greatest, The Most Popular abound at this time of the year as we look back over the past year.  It got me thinking...If I were to create a top 10 list, what would it be?  And so here it is:

Top 10 

1.  You are created for more.  No matter what was achieved this past year, or what will be achieved this next year, in God there is always more.
2. We are meant to be extraordinary.  And that's not because of who we are, but because of who God is.
3.  That which is Broken becomes Blessed.  We all have pain, brokenness, hurt and disappointments in our lives.  The deeper the Brokenness, the deeper the Blessing if we allow it.
4.  All of the pain, brokenness, and hurt in the world?  None of it was caused by God.
5.  All of the beauty, goodness, joy, peace... that's Heaven on Earth. 
6.  You are here  to help bring Heaven to Earth.
7.  You gain the most in life by letting go.
8.  The way up is down.  In a world which clamors for the most attention, fame and recognition, Jesus offers a freeing alternative.
9.  If the essence of life could be condensed to one word, it would be Love.
10. No matter what happened last year, or what will happen next year, we know Life is Good because of God.

Not only are these things relevant now as we look back on 2011 and ahead to 2012, but I'm pretty sure they were relevant 2000 years ago and will be relevant for many years to come, too.  

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