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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."  
St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday marked the first day of classes for the new year for my college students.  Also the first day of a new course for them, it was appropriate to start our class with this quote by St. Francis.  Right now, my students only dream of the day that they will be able to serve society as professional RNs.  If they were to be placed in the clinical setting today, it would literally be impossible for them to function as a licensed RN.  However, showing up for the start of a new semester, beginning a new course and continuing to do what they need to do, and doing what is possible every day, will transform that which is currently impossible into possible. 

Isn't that how it is with anything we wish to accomplish?  It happens one step at a time, day by day doing what is possible.  We rule out our dreams before we ever even get started.... "oh, that's impossible for me" or, "there are just too many obstacles" without considering what could be done every day to overcome an obstacle at a time and see that dream accomplished.

     Writing a book becomes possible when a little bit is written every day over a period of time.

     A degree is gained when one decides to push through the challenges of coursework every day.

     A thousand dollars is saved when $20 is put away every week for 50 weeks.

How about you?  What is it that you would love to do or to become that seems impossible right now?  Maybe you are already working towards it a day at a time, doing what is possible right now.  But maybe you haven't started taking any steps because it seems too big and too impossible.  Whatever it is that you would like to do or to become, I encourage you to just start!  Start somewhere. Do what is possible every day, and before you know it you will have accomplished the impossible.

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