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Birdseye View of Life

The other day I wrote,  "God has a good plan for your life.  And because of who God is, its probably bigger and more amazing than you can even comprehend". Most of us could probably look at our lives and wonder if those words really ring true.

But here's the truth:  we look at our lives in the here and now and make conclusions based on a very  short term perspective. The short sightedness causes us to miss the greatness.  We need a birdseye view of life.  A bigger perspective.

The fact that I am here, on this earth, have an education, a good marriage, three wonderful kids, a home to live in, I haven't committed suicide, I'm not an alcoholic (I think I easily could be), I have resources to live off of and to help others with, I have hope, I am forgiven, I can forgive, faith is alive and well in my soul, friends care about me, and the list could go on, it's quite amazing.  You could list many good things about your life too. And I see that if there's anything good about our lives, its because of how God has been working not only in our present life, but through past generations.  Your life is bigger than your time on earth.

Without going into all of the nitty gritty details,  there are aspects of my family history that are less than beautiful.  On my mother's side there has been a history of suicide and alcohol abuse. She had many odds against her but through tough choices and with God's help my mom has been an over comer.  Of course, her choices have influenced my life tremendously.  It's a wonder I'm even here at all because my dad had several close calls with death before he married my mom.  After he got married, he got in touch with his desperate need for God and surrendered his life to something greater than the thrill of the here and now.  That set my life on a different path.

God works through the generations to restore beauty where its been stolen,  joy where there's been pain,  laughter where there's been sorrow,  love where there's been hatred, freedom where there's been shame and guilt, and on it goes.  We, in the here and now, are the product of the blessings and the curses.  To the degree that there are any blessings at all in any of our lives speaks of God's big and amazing plans. 

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