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An Idea for the Christmas Season

My lit up living room this morning
Andre has joined the swimming and diving team at the high school this year. Early morning practices are "optional" but it seems as though everyone on the team participates. Which has meant getting up
super early to make sure he's awake, conscious, and arrives at the school by 6 AM.

While I'm not thrilled by early morning practices, I have discovered a bright side. That being, that I have much more time in the mornings for the things that I love: writing, reading, reflecting, (the 3 r's!).

However, this morning I decided to simply sit in the silence of the lit Christmas tree. With my coffee, of course. No music, no screens. Simply quiet.  It was magical.  It was peace-filled. It was a gift. And it was free!

For the rest of Advent, which isn't all that long yet, I want to continue to do this in the mornings. It makes sense to me given how much noise there is surrounding this season.  This is one way of keeping closer to the things that matter most.

If you decide to give this idea a try, I would love to hear what you experience.

But if not this, may you find your heart prepared for the gift of the Savior King.


  1. Day 2: Another special morning of quiet and peace. Eventually, I felt drawn into prayer for some people and situations that I'm aware of right now that also need God's peace and quiet. Also, whenever I take time to just be quiet, I find myself thinking about the things I'm drawn to do and be that are bigger than myself. I see how critical it is to spend time like this if we want to live on track with God's purpose and design for our lives.

  2. Day 3: Well, I learned that even my cuddly dog can be a distraction. She climbed up on my lap today and wanted love and attention, which made it hard to just "be", because now my focus was on her. Fortunately, the cat wanted back inside and so with the cat in, it gave Paris, our dog, something else to do. Off she went and then I felt I could just enjoy the peace and quiet more.

    I found myself drawn to thanking God for the many gifts in our lives. It was a morning of gratitude.

  3. I've done that other years. (We're a little pokey this year and don't have our tree up yet.) But I agree that the peace and quiet is relaxing and inspiring. I grew up without radio and tv and still frequently turn the radio off and drive or work in silence or to the sound of my own voice humming a tune.