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An Idea for the Christmas Season, Day 4

The idea I'm practicing every day and sharing with you is nothing snazzy or new. Its nothing about the latest Christmas trend or "must have" or latest decorating tip.  The idea is one that's been around for a long time: simply taking time every day for quiet, solitude and to simply "be" and see what might happen in our hearts in preparation for Christmas (you know, good ol' expectation for God to show up).

Today is Day 4 of "peace and quiet"  leading up to Christmas.  Yesterday as I sat in the early morning quiet by the light of the Christmas tree, I was drawn towards expressing gratitude for the many gifts in our lives (see previous post and comments at the bottom). I also sensed God saying, "You have conversations from the day before that aren't finished.  There's more that I want to do."  I was reminded of a difficult conversation with one of our kids.  We had to tell this child "no" to something that was very important to this person. There were 2 reasons for which we felt to say "no", but we only shared one. And with further thought and reflection, I see now why its utterly important for lots of reasons that we share it all.... get it all out in the open.  It will bring the most transformation, learning and growth.  It's an opportunity for us as parents to model being completely transparent, open and honest. At least that's the hope! So when I shared this with Charles later in the day, he was sensing the same thing!

A friend reminded me the other day of a verse "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10)  This beloved phrase has taken on new meaning this week.  Its been in the silence that I have come to know God's heart and desire for this situation that I have described above.  It's times like this that I see how God has my back.  Always looking out for us and guiding us and helping us to learn, grow, and develop into the people/ parents that we are meant to be.

I hope you can join me around the Christmas tree as we sit together in peace and quiet. Who knows what God might do.  Whatever it is, I'm pretty certain it will be Good.

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