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The 9th Reason Why I Blog

This month marks a year since I started writing here.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the 8 Reasons Why I Blog.  Since then, it occurred to me that there is another reason that I failed to recognize then.  The 9th reason why I blog is....

9.  Because my kids read what I write. 

(Hi Joelle.  Hi Andre.)

On the front side of getting into the world of social media, it didn't occur to me that social media could become a means for mentoring my own kids.  But as I've  waded into the ocean of social media, its through those intitial steps that I've begun to see the potential for impact.  What we impart to our kids primarily comes through doing life together, as values are more caught than taught.  However, perhaps what they read here helps them to have words for the values we have tried to live out. In addition, I think its good for them to see my as their mom pushing myself to try new things, to learn and grow and develop passions and interests.  This also models something that I want them to also be about.

How about you?  You have a sphere of people in your life that you are impacting and influencing.  Have you found some new or unexpected ways to do that? I'd love to hear about it.

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