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Europe 2011

We just got back from a two week trip to Europe with the family!  I've dreamed of this trip for a very long time.Over the years, I recall times of wanting to travel to Europe so badly I could hardly stand it, but were unable to for various reasons.  As I reflect on it now, I see that NOW was the perfect timing.  Any earlier and it would have been just that- too early. God has a way of working things out such that the timing is always better with God than if it was left to me to determine!  In fact, it seems that in God's reality, things always take longer than anticipated but its worth the wait because He brings a fullness that just wouldn't be there otherwise. For us, in this situation, the fullness had to do with the kids being old enough to engage the trip and be more significantly influenced by it, as one example.

The renovated and staged kitchen
Last Fall, we purchased a house in foreclosure that needed some TLC.  I've always wanted to do this; buy a house, fix it up and put it back on the market.  I've looked at a lot of different properties over time, but either the house wasn't the right one, or the timing wasn't right.  Last fall, we found the right house and it was the right time!  Our offer was accepted and we got possession the first of December. We spent all of December, including Christmas Break working on it (the kids thought they were the only kids in the world who had to work over Christmas Break). We put it back on the market in mid-January. We took a risk.We worked hard. It was inconvenient at times. We were uncertain what the outcomes would be in this economy.  But all along we had a deep sense that somehow this was something that God was doing in our lives.We hoped that if the outcome was good, we could take a big trip somewhere.

The house sold in short order.  We were able to take this trip.  Dreams do come true.  But more on that later.


  1. Cool that the kids could see how hard work last winter paid off big time this summer!

  2. Jeannette, I think there were quite a few things that the kids "got" about this trip, including what you mentioned- seeing the fruit of hard work.