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Leave Deeply Missed

This morning I happened to catch the last part of the Today show, just in time to see the farewell for  Meredith Vieira on her last day with the show.  It was very moving and inspiring for me.  Clearly,  she was well loved by many.  The kind, honoring and loving words spoken of and to her indicated a deep appreciation for who she is and what she brought to the show.  Behind the scenes, she worked hard, was committed, showed up every day (at 2:30 AM no less!)  fully present and ready to engage, and to bring all that she was to the table, so to speak.  She gave it her best and she gave all she could for the 5 years she was there.

It's a great reminder that whatever sphere we are given in life, give it the best. Whether that sphere is a family, a job, a calling, a place to volunteer- it doesn't really matter- just show up fully alive, present and ready to give our all.  Most of us won't achieve celebrity status in the spheres we serve, but we can, at the end of the day, know that we lived and loved in a way that deeply touched and impacted the lives of those around us.  And hopefully when we leave for the last time, it will be evident that we lived, loved and served in such a way that we will  be deeply missed.

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