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Message in a Bottle

The messages that we long to hear are all around us, more often than we are aware.Often our gaze goes no further than the ground 16 inches in front of our own feet.  Nor do we hear beyond the sound of our own voice talking in our heads. But if we can see farther and listen beyond, there is a whole world to be discovered!   What is it you desire to hear? Is there a question that you are asking?  Is there a message you hope to receive?
 Sounds crazy, I know, but I believe that if we are open, and look around us in new ways, and listen attentively, we will hear and see things that we might otherwise have missed.

It's unlikely that you will find a message inscribed on a rolled up piece of paper tucked away in a bottle that's been adrift for years on the ocean.  But maybe a phrase from a song will drift towards you,  or a cloud in the sky will quietly speak, or a piece of graffiti art on the side of an abandoned building will speak to you.  Be alert, attentive and open. And be patient.... don't give up too soon.

Love is Everywhere
I often write down the questions that I am asking about my life in my journal.  And then I wait for an answer.  It's been  amazing over the years the various ways in which questions that I have scribbled on paper at times get answered.  Often the answer isn't complete, but it helps to lead me in the direction that I feel I am to go. It's a piece to the puzzle.

A friend posted this picture on Facebook.  The caption reads, "Love is Everywhere".  It may have been easy to miss the message in the cloud  that day, but someone was alert and attentive and found a message in the sky.

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  1. I love blue skies, sunshine and fluffy white clouds, but wow! is that one real or slightly altered?

    I agree with what you're saying. There is beauty and joy all around us, but unless our hearts and minds are renewed and attentive to the Spirit of God within us we can miss so much of it.