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Making Something Special, part 2

"Art is the act of making something special"

I was thinking more about this quote (see yesterday's post) and considered that there are 2 ways that one could interpret that statement.

First, the act of making something special could simply be the act of actually creating- making something- with your own energy, mind and hands.  I think of things like creating a painting, a song, sculpture, a special dish, etc.  The second interpretation, which I believe to be within the reach of  all of us, is that of helping to realize the full potential or capacity of something.  We might say, "She has the makings of an entrepreneur" or "He made the team".  Both of those statements suggest a certain potential.  So to say that art is the act of making something special, its to see the potential in every situation and help actualize that however possible.

I think about the things that I will do in the course of a day, and what it might look like to turn those ordinary acts into something special:

  • A conversation with a good friend becomes  art when I take the time to ask thoughtful questions of the heart, truly seeking to listen and to understand.
  • The last day of school for the kids becomes more than just the last day when I thoughtfully consider and execute a way of honoring all of their efforts, hard work and achievement in successfully getting through another year
  • Concluding an e-mail to a work colleague with a simple note of encouragement or appreciation
  • Getting gas and paying the clerk isn't just an exchange of money and goods, but one that leaves the person knowing that he or she was recognized as a living, breathing human being
Some people seem to just live this way naturally.  I have to think about it and be intentional about it.  I can get very task oriented and simply focus on "gittin' 'er done" and miss the opportunity to turn an everyday experience into art by making it something special.

I hope today that I will grow in awareness of the opportunities to make something special.

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