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Trite phrase for the day: "God Guides Us"

On the heels of the last blog entry,  I've been thinking more about God's guidance in our lives.  I considered phrases like the following for the title of the last post:  "God Guides us to be Successful", and  "God Guides us into His Purposes." (Read "Navigating Change" for the context).  I decided those titles sounded too trite and the problem with trite is that the truth just gets lost.

However trite those statements may sound, the truth is, I believe deeply in God's guidance. In fact,  my life depends on it!. I see the propensity in me to wreck my own life, and that of those around me,  if it weren't  for God's guidance and leadership.

This past winter we bought a house in foreclosure that needed some TLC  so that we could turn it around and sell it.  Early one morning, while Charles, my husband,  was already at work, I started out to go finish up some painting in the house for an hour before the kids had to get up for school. I had only driven about 2 minutes down the road when I clearly heard what I've come to recognize as God's voice saying to me, "Check for your keys."  Just like that.  Interpretation: make sure you have the right keys to the house to get yourself in.  I pulled over to go through my purse, literally dumping everything out to check for the keys, only to discover that sure enough I didn't have the keys to the house with me. I'm not one to forget stuff like that.  So, I turned around and went back and got the keys.  Given that the house was a 15 minute drive from where we live, had I gone all the way only to discover I didn't have the keys to get in, by the time I got back home (another 15 minute drive) I would have simply spent the limited time I had driving over and then coming right back.  I was saved a great deal of frustration and disappointment.

Later, I was reflecting more on this experience as I shared it with my family.  I thought more about what I had heard, how it was said, and even what I didn't hear.  What I didn't hear was this:  "You don't have your keys with you." God knew that I didn't have my keys with me and instead of just telling me, I was given the guidance that I needed to discover that myself.  I could have chosen to ignore that and assume I had them like I usually do.  Yet, I know God's voice well enough by now to know that I should pay attention. So, God spoke not the answer into my life, but the guidance that I needed to stay the course, to be successful, to walk in the path of blessing, to move forward on the path I believe he had laid out for us with this house we had bought.

Guidance isn't really about giving us the answers directly, which I know at times I really wish it was!  But its about helping us on the journey so that we discover, with God's help, the path he has for us.  I think this is way more interesting and engaging and rewarding because in that process, I have the opportunity to learn to know God's voice, and to recognize how he's leading and guiding rather than just being told what to do.

So today may we each open wide our hearts and our lives to all of the guidance that God wants to give.  And may we listen and follow, each day coming more fully into his purposes for our lives.

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